Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be?

We prefer you to be at least 16 years of age but will not deny talking to you if you are younger.

Do I need insurance?

No! One of the reasons this site was created was to help those without insurance. 

In addition, we want you to use your insurance for your therapy sessions. By not involving health insurance we save you money.

What if I don't I have zoom?

If you don't want to download the app, you can book the appointment on here and we will send you a meeting ID and password for your session.

Is what I say confidential?

Yes!  The only thing that is not confidential is if you feel like you may harm yourself or others. We will do our best to work with you and help you however, sometimes other measures may need to be taken and we will do what we have to so that everyone remains safe.

Are you a therapist?

Peer supporters do not need to be licensed therapists. 

Do I have to tell you my name?

We ask for your name and other information throughout the conversation so that we can address you by name and help find you resources in your area if needed.

What are your hours?

Our hours are currently seen when you book an appointment. As we grow and increase volunteer and employees our hours will increase.

Where are you located?

We are an online business located within the United States.

Are you a non-profit?

We are not officially a non-profit but we run the company as if it was non-profit. That means any donations received goes towards running the business.

Do I have to book an appointment?

No, you can call our line whenever you need to speak with someone. However if our volunteers are currently on the phone booking an appointment will put you on a priority list and you will be called at the time you book. 

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