Welcome to Expressway to a Friend

Having a bad day? Recently divorced? Failing school? Thinking about a career transition?


No matter the reason, any of these and more can drive you to the point of just wanting to scream or hide.

Instead, click the button below and talk.


Our mission is to provide callers with on-demand peer to peer support in time of need at time of need to the best of our capability.


  • Offer an alternative to those in need of emotional support.

  • Limit calls to suicide hotlines

  • Prevent suicide by working with callers in the time of distress before building up negative emotions

  • To prevent caller from harming others or themselves

  • Offer resources to eliminate ones stress to the best of our capability.


To offer empathy and emotional support to all callers without judgement and to remain inclusive.

To work with each caller as an individual

To make judgement calls when we feel a caller may be in danger, a harm to themselves or others.

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